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Help your capitalfiatUSDCmoney
find a home

For the first time, you can invest fractionally in ground-up construction, earning returns from the earliest point in a home’s value creation – all while helping to alleviate the housing crisis.

Invest in the earliest stage of
home value creation

Collective is the first fractional equity platform to enable investors to earn compelling equity returns on the construction of new single-family homes. Investors easily invest in new homes and profit from their sale.


Buy equity in new home construction projects

Invest in the construction of new homes from the ground up, realizing gains from the earliest point in the value chain when those homes sell.


Collective makes it easy

Collective’s Project Sponsors create, manage, sell new home construction projects for you. To align incentives, they invest alongside you — on the same terms — and typically group multiple homes into each project, further mitigating and diversifying risk.


Help close the housing gap

Millions of people need homes that do not exist. Collective attracts new capital to new home construction so that we can build more homes, together.

Invest in new home construction opportunities in high demand U.S. markets


High demand, model homes

Currently, Collective’s Project Sponsor features model homes in carefully selected locations throughout booming Central Florida. Models have been sold hundreds of times in a market attracting 1,000 new residents per week where there aren’t enough homes.


Invest at cost, sell at retail

Projects aim for a 13% to 18% net return in 12 to 18 months. Financing is all-equity; no debt. Investors participate pro-rata when homes are sold.

* Past performance is not an indicator of future success



Collective’s Project Sponsors bring their own capital to every project, investing alongside you and aligning incentives. Collective’s first Project Sponsors are the founders of Collective.


Diversified investment exposure

Project Sponsors most often group multiple homes into each Project offered for investment, diversifying investor risk.


Trusted supply chain

Projects enjoy risk mitigation through trusted building supply chain, Commence Logistics (general contractor) and ODC Construction (subcontractor), who contribute the building of 10,000 homes per year in Central Florida.


Construction and sales expertise

Collective is owned and operated by the founders of Rigor, ODC Construction, and Commence Logistics. The team brings a wealth of experience in homebuilding, project management, payment processing, and software development.


Due diligence

Project Sponsors choose property locations based on a deep understanding of local markets. Each lot is paired with home designs engineered to deliver optimal returns.


Capital flow transparency and efficiency

Project Sponsors and their supply chain use the new trust layer for home construction finance for transparent capital and project management. Learn more

Interested in becoming a Project Sponsor? List new home construction projects and manage equity allocations. Earn management and performance fees on Projects.

Illustrative return profile based on recent comparable sale

At launch, Collective's Project Sponsor is focused on fast-growing markets in Central Florida. See why here.


Recent sale and return profile

Illustrative return profile based on recent comparable sale

7479 SW 130th LN, Ocala, Fl 34473


Est. net return

Vertical construction cost


Lot cost


Closing costs


Investment Term

12 months

Sales price (sold 8/22/2022)


What drives us

The U.S. faces a housing shortage of 5.5 million homes. Among the biggest reasons: it's hard for homebuilders to secure the financing they need to build new homes.

Complex, opaque financing practices prevent everyday investors from accessing the market for new home construction, despite historic demand.
No longer. Collective features compelling investment opportunities and makes it easy for accredited or non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. resident investors to finance new home construction projects directly.

Collective gives the power to build more homes to the communities that need them.

A chronic undersupply of homes with no systemic solutions, until now

Cumulative Housing Shortage (Thousands)

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Our unique approach

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For the first time, Collective enables investors to deploy equity capital in single-family homes pre-construction, gaining equity exposure to home sales at the earliest point in the value creation chain.


Collective uses blockchain infrastructure to manage equity allocations and to deliver transparent, verifiable project accounting. The platform supports investment in both digital U.S. dollars (USDC) and U.S. dollars.

Investing is easy. Browse, discover deals and verify your eligibility on one, easy-to-use platform


Sign in anytime to see the status of projects you’re invested in

Invest on-chain with Polygon USDC or via a fiat ($USD) wire transfer


Project Sponsors on Collective manage projects using Rigor’s state-of-the-art, transparent payments trust layer

Project Sponsors invest alongside you in their own projects

Passively invest in the vertical construction costs of homes sold at retail

Collective is Backed by

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